career: timeline, and a new beginning

June 20, 2018

2004: Second year medical student.

2005: Scientist in training (yeah, that one didn’t pan out so well).

2007: BRAND NEW intern 🙂 (first rotation = regional hospital NICU)

2008: call haikus.

2008, again: PICU misery

2010: Fellowship bag inventory

2013: Attendinghood!  (I still have the stapler pictured in this post and I still love it!)

2016: Accepted position as Associate Program Director for pediatric residency

2017: Reduced work schedule to 80% time

Summary of my work schedule / mix:

– 5 half-day clinics (~55% of the usual 9 at our institution) – one full day of patients, 3 half-days of patents most weeks.  Many of these days I will be paired with a resident so the day will be spent seeing patients but also teaching mixed in there.

My patient mix – still lots of growth, diabetes, transgender/gender-nonconforming, PCOS, thyroid, smattering of other things.  Pet project: we are working on building a more comprehensive gender clinic with multiple disciplines (mental health provider, adolescent med, endo) this fall.

– 2 half-days of GME work (increased from 1, beginning in July!) – meetings, prepping of educational materials, planning didactics, giving talks to residents, wrangling encouraging faculty.  Perhaps some research (small GME-related projects) in there if possible . . .

– 1 half-day of admin (clinical catchup, GME/student overflow, planning)

– 1 full day OFF each week (kid activities, podcast, me time, a day to sleep in 🙂 )

– 1/6 call (we are adding another provider!)

WHEW.  I have definitely come a long way!  And I have no idea what will come next.  I could see myself becoming Program Director (rather than Associate, which is like 2nd in command) someday, or working with fellows if we were ever to move somewhere (we’re talking long term, here!).  I also would love to be a division leader someday, when the kids are much older.  I’d looooove to take even less call (particularly the overnight phone calls) . . . but that is probably unrealistic, unless we move to a big academic center.  I have learned that I do like doing a number of different things — 100% clinical isn’t quite the answer for me.

Today our residents begin after over 2 years of prep work, and I am really excited to enter into this next phase.  Here we go!!!

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