Weekend-in-the-life, Continued

February 17, 2019

I’ve never been one to post a play-by-play on Instagram until yesterday. It was actually somewhat fun as a novelty activity – I have no idea how some people do it all the time! Perhaps it becomes second nature like our expenditure recording (I literally jump to the YNAB app after every purchase like a reflex).

Did it take away from my ‘presence’ yesterday? Not really. I actually enjoyed taking a step back and sharing my experiences. And it provided a tiny bit of adult interaction (even if it was through a screen), which was otherwise lacking for most of the day. I do not think it is a sustainable practice for me, however, because I’m sure it would get quite boring on the receiving end!

yesterday, 6:30 AM

“OMG, does SHU really have to post about her morning workout and bedtime reading EVERY SINGLE DAY!?” UNFOLLOW TIMES A MILLION.

(Although to be 100% honest, I sometimes enjoy incredibly mundane and detailed accounts of others’ lives. But still. There would be some serious repetition going on . . .)

I have to say that yesterday was a really good day for a solo parenting day. We will see if I can keep up the momentum. I did resort to launching a “points” system with the big kids, where I (as benevolent dictator?) granted points for things like Eating Lunch Nicely and Listening at the Playground. I took away points (or threatened to take them) for various negative activities. I told them if they accumulate 10 points each, they can spend $10 at Target or Amazon. It worked pretty well.

Here’s to Sunday! Note: this is not a 3-day weekend for me (though it is for the big kids), and I’m not terribly sad about it. And the next three weekends both Josh and I are off!

And now it’s Beachbody time. Back tomorrow!

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  • Reply Gina gina March 10, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    I’m really enjoying your instastories. I’m kind of curious how yours would compare to your husband’s (when you’re on call and he’s patenting solo) and his mood and energy levels throughout the day.

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