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WBR Day 3: A screen-heavy day

December 23, 2019

What can I say? Sometimes screens save the day.


I was gone for the morning to attend the funeral, plus a grocery trip. Our babysitter let them watch a bit (not sure how much, but I know she did play with them for quite some time, too. Then I let A&C go to town during G’s nap. THEN I let all 3 of them watch while I made dinner. Finally, everyone except G (who was in bed) watched Elf after Josh got home.

It was a lot of screen time and not shockingly, the big kids were acting insane at bedtime. But . . . I have no regrets.

I did force everyone outside for a walk after G woke up from her nap at around 4 pm.

G did not have to be asked twice

Our goal/destination: to reach the McLaren in our neighborhood. Of note, it makes no sense that someone in our neighborhood would have a McLaren. (It would have made perfect sense in our old neighborhood, but not this one). BUT – there it is. Cameron is always pointing it out. We all discussed how much it costs (something like $200K).

CAMERON: When I grow up, I’m going to live in a neighborhood with TWO McLarens.

ME: Wow Cameron . . . that’s a lot.

CAMERON: And they’re BOTH going to be in MY DRIVEWAY.

Okay then. I am pretty sure he does not have much of a concept of what $200K actually means 🙂 I did suggest that maybe he should consider working FOR McLaren for an employee discount . . .


Anyway. We found some lovely Christmas decorations to look at, and everyone got some fresh air.

also not our car or our tree.

I made dinner while listening to podcasts (the best!), and it turned out well! 3/3 kids ate it (though G mostly ate sour cream and avocados).

white chicken chili from the ChooseFI vault recipe favorites folder

Finally – we did Hanukkah (night #1). Kids received gifts from my parents (KiwiCo boxes). Josh and I got these treasures:

of my gifts — mug from Cameron; cherries from Annabel 🙂


forgot to do this yesterday, but here we go:

workout – 4.3 mi run – it rained at the end, 9:47/mi ave

meditation app – check

reading – more of Anna Quindlen

email – I took my work email off of my phone (temporarily) and haven’t checked in. I do think I went into my gmail a few times mostly out of habit.

Josh is off from today through Weds (Christmas!). Yay 🙂 Then he’s working for the rest of break.


  • Reply omdg December 23, 2019 at 9:10 am

    Lol I didn’t even know what a McLaren was, but my husband definitely did and pointed each one (and each Ferrari and Lambourghini) out gleefully when we visited Miami Beach this past Spring!! I think it must be a boy thing. 😉

    Sarah — You are honestly killing it as a mom on this vacation. I was psyched that Dyl got ONLY 4.5 hours of screen time yesterday. But, we did go ice skating and she did a lot of reading too. She has a playdate today, so hopefully that won’t involve a screen (but it might, since it’s at a friend’s house). You sound like you are holding up great!

  • Reply Kaye December 23, 2019 at 11:03 am

    What meditation app are you using? Meditating has been a goal of mine the past TWO New Years and I still don’t have a regular, consistent practice down. Maybe the 3rd year will be the charm… I seem to struggle with finding a consistent time! First thing in the morning I always feel sort of chomping at the bit to get going on other things and can’t seem to settle in to it (I also like to read, do a gratitude practice, calendar time in the morning, so I feel like adding meditation makes the whole process too long then), before bed is a no since I usually spend time with my husband then or start to fall asleep if I do try to meditate…I have tried midday before lunch since I work from home but sometimes I get sleepy feeling going right from hours at my computer to meditation time, and I also don’t have a consistent “lunch time”.. Breaks are better spent out on a quick walk or a couple of household chores, something to get me moving! Any suggestions?

  • Reply Kersti December 23, 2019 at 12:23 pm

    Can I just say your kids are too cute? Annabel is such a pretty and sweet little girl. Walks around the neighborhood growing up are some of my best memories.

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