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Day 22: Plugging Along

April 6, 2020

I feel really tired today. I slept 7 hours last night but it does not feel like enough. (Tonight = will try for 8.)

I have a lot of meetings today — the first 7a – 8a, and the last 5p – 7p. Agh! I have to say I kind of miss in-person meetings, but at least I will not have to go to work at the crack of dawn to make the 7a one!


Annabel enjoyed her birthday! We visited 2 friends (stayed >6 ft away and in the car) and ate her requested meals all day. She FaceTimed with all of her close relatives & played a lot of Minecraft (not quite 5 hours but close!).

Publix flourless chocolate cake + Lego minifigures + raspberries + powdered sugar + icing job by Annabel. It worked!

We also filmed a 3 minute video interview to commemorate the experience, which I told her to watch in 2030 when turning 18. Then we set a google calendar reminder (yes for 2030) to remind us to do so.

(Kind of crazy to think about!)

I would say I miss going out and doing things but not in a desperate GOING CRAZY antsy way. I suspect I may get there, though.


  • Last 21 DF workout! I will be doing A Little Obsessed this week and then 21DF Extreme.
  • Audited YNAB & created April budget (I was surprised to see that our grocery spending wasn’t much more than Feb – only up about 12%).
  • Grocery shopped (wearing a face covering) for whole week
  • Made meal plan: Monday — salmon w/ Greek salad & some kind of cooked grain from pantry; Tues & Weds — chicken Nepali curry from Dinner Illustrated; Thurs & Fri — penne with chickpeas and cauliflower also from Dinner Illustrated. PIZZA delivery on Saturday).
  • Finished most of The Topeka School (in part why I am tired this AM)
  • Most of my daily rituals though I did not make it outside yesterday (oops)
  • Did not need to go into hospital. I guess the physician on call was able to use telemedicine! Hooray!

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  • Reply Jen April 6, 2020 at 10:50 am

    Sounds pretty productive! Congrats on finishing 21 Day Fix. I had added it to my triathlon training in place of swimming when the pools were closed. The workouts are really good. I definitely enjoy them.

    I was planning and had registered for Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3 in June which is one week after my 40th birthday – i am super sad but i am letting go of that training. I had been in this mentality that i would keep going with training until it was officially canceled/postponed but it’s fairly ridiculous in my mind to even entertain the idea that it’s going to happen and feels extra silly to be spending hours on my bike trainer and logging half marathons on the weekend. Anyway, all that to say i am shifting gears and going to do 80-Day Obsession starting tonight! It’s the time to re-assess and i had planned to do this after my race and do something completely different. I still feel conflicted.

    Anyway, all that to say, i will be curious to see that you think if/when you take it on …

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