Day 70: Coming Atcha From Yesterday

May 24, 2020

Oh yes, it’s a very unusual prewritten post! I wasn’t about to let my blogging streak die just because I am (hopefully still) currently enjoying my little screen break!

In lieu of a regular post, I will share a page from Annabel’s “Reflection Notebook”, which is filled with journal entries and will be kept forever (just as MY 2nd grade notebook was also kept forever — seriously, it’s one of the few 80s relics that I still have!).

“That is the way life goes sometimes.” — Annabel U, age 8

(Wise words, right? Kind of reminds me of her reaction to the 2016 election results!)

I hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day weekend to the extent possible. Report on my tech break experience forthcoming tomorrow!

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  • Reply Caryn May 24, 2020 at 8:59 am

    I looooove her drawing!

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