COVID19 Parenting Weekend

Day 98: Just another pandemic weekend

June 21, 2020

I guess our call schedules and the weather do introduce some variability but otherwise there is a very consistent pattern to our weekend days.

Part of me kind of likes that.

I time-tracked yesterday! I still find it challenging. Mostly because there are so many blocks of time where I am either multitasking or rapidly switching between tasks.


  • Clean up while watching G ( <– a very popular combo which sadly often results in an equivalent mess being made while I am cleaning up)
  • Prep lunch (but also listen to podcast and check Insta feed while doing that)

I guess really it doesn’t matter. The perfect is the enemy of the good when it comes to time tracking, I think. No one can account for every minute, and if they were getting that granular then the amount of time spent time tracking would probably be high enough to defeat the entire purpose. Heh.

I am not entirely sure that I benefit much from time tracking but it does bring an extra layer of awareness to the days that feels nice.


#1 + #2 — C & G making “mud pies”. I had to include the one below of Cameron because I thought his outfit choice was very cute.

yes that’s our Highlander Hybrid. It is not currently getting much use on non-call weekends.

#3 – headed into pool. C is making a very classic Cameron expression.


#4 Saturday = take out night. Honestly I love this new tradition.

Dinner = takeout night from Las Vegas Cuban! Fried yucca is my favorite thing.
The kids loved this choice.

#5 Okay, I actually forgot to take a pic of this but I think it’s worth mentioning that Josh gave Annabel a haircut (after watching a Youtube tutorial, obvs)! She was in desperate need of a trim so he cut ~2-3″. It seemed to work just fine.

PS: It’s Fathers’ Day! I bought a gift, the kids made a card (mostly Annabel), and I will be making a Josh-inspired dinner. And obviously I need to call my own father too!!!

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  • Reply Emily June 21, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Would love to see Annabel’s haircut! (esp if you took before and after pics 🙂 ) Great to see your kids getting outside and always enjoy seeing them splashing in the mud, the boots are so cute. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

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