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Saturday Pop-In

September 4, 2021


I could not muster a “5 on a Friday” post yesterday because I was up too late on Thursday night placing my Hobonichi order! As of now, none of the covers I chose have sold out, so my late night shopping didn’t turn out to be necessary . . . but admittedly it was still fun.

There is plenty of sadness and negative news right now, and the boost and escape into thinking about pretty covers and (completely unnecessary but fun) accessories was welcome. I will try to do an unboxing video again! I remember at least attempting last year but can’t remember if it was actually watchable (I think Annabel was the camera-person).

Josh is on call for the 3-day weekend and he is already at the hospital emergently fixing the vasculature in someone’s arm. I am feeling relatively ready to just be an independent parent this weekend. We have some fun + social things planned, both on Saturday + Sunday. Given COVID they are outdoors, so hopefully the weather will cooperate.

Being FL in September, it may not. But I will remain optimistic.

Typical Sept forecast – could be sunny or storming at any moment. The heat is consistent, though.

Though I see some lows closer to 70 than 80 the next 2 days — downright refreshing!


❏ September budget (YNAB audit / $ allocation)

❏ Finish Q4 goals list

SC workout (30 minute total body AMRAP) — I’m almost done with Fit & Strong at Home playlist and will jump into her newest program “Strong” on Monday. I admit I even shelled out $7.99 for her calendar (need to plan ahead, okay?)

Happy Saturday!

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  • Reply Elisabeth September 4, 2021 at 9:26 am

    Hope the weather cooperates for your outdoor plans.

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