Parenting Weekend

Screen Free Weekend Report

March 6, 2022


Josh is on call this weekend, so it was a largely solo parenting day. He was home in the AM allowing me to get my workout in (Total Strength Week 2 #3) and he did make it to G’s last soccer game!

G’s last soccer game! She is not the most enthusiastic participant but did play much more than she did a year ago. Planning to put her back in gymnastics rather than join the next season . . .

And, this was our first Screen Free Saturday! It was not the easiest, but also not the worst.

Our grad school baby-sitter is home on spring break and came over to sit from 11-3, which really helped. Most of that time was spent at C’s soccer game (yep, game #2 of the day!) but I hid upstairs for an hour to do our monthly budget reconciliation/allocation.

(On that note – OMG I cannot wait to move, mostly because I cannot stand seeing 2 power bills, rent and mortgage, etc — it is such a money suck and feels so wasteful! Hopefully mid-April).

A’s friend came over and then we met up with her mom + brother at Dairy Queen (where Blizzards were consumed . . .). This was followed by a promised trip to Barnes & Noble and then sushi takeout for dinner. It was a full day and I spent the last couple hours frantically doing housework and cleaning up, BUT everything was done + everyone was in bed by 8:40 or so. Not too terrible.


  • Run ~45 min (letting Josh sleep now but he doesn’t have cases scheduled as of now so planning to run once he is up)
  • Clean out fridge/put groceries away
  • Put week up on board
  • Clean out/prep kids’ backpacks
  • Make 3 lunches
  • Prep dinner (for tonight + tomorrow night). PrepDish says we are having pasta primavera (tonight) and Philly Cheesesteak stuffed potatoes (tomorrow)
  • Day activity: possibly swim
  • Afternoon activity: playground (meeting friends)

Lack of screens

As noted, it actually wasn’t as bad as I might have anticipated. Since I drew a hard line, I am not really fighting many protests. It definitely helps that our weather is good right now (though getting hotter by the day). I am not a cruise director type parent so they have been finding things to do . . .


  • Reply Elisabeth March 6, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    Can’t wait for you to have the move behind you. Lots of moving pieces and, as you mention, the frustration of juggling expenses for two places.
    Kudos for going screen-free. And sometimes a hard cutoff does make things so much easier to enforce.

  • Reply Sarah K March 6, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    I am really impressed with the screen-free effort. I am personally doing no social media now for Lent and am noticing how often I feel the urge to send a Snapchat or check Facebook. My kids are a lot bigger than yours-I would love for them to do a screen-free weekend or something but I have to “sell” it to them somehow!

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