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    The Saturday I Needed

    TODAY SO FAR: 5:45: Alarm off –> got up (went to bed ~8 hours prior to that, so felt pretty rested!). Realized that the coffee maker had brewed hot water because I forgot to…

    December 2, 2023
  • life Parenting

    The Rest of Life

    Other things happening . . . While I have been going through my injury saga, life has continued to move forward. It feels bizarre that tomorrow the last two months of 2023 begin (aka…

    October 31, 2023
  • Parenting Weekend

    Screen Free Weekend Report

    Yesterday Josh is on call this weekend, so it was a largely solo parenting day. He was home in the AM allowing me to get my workout in (Total Strength Week 2 #3) and…

    March 6, 2022
  • life Parenting Weekend

    Weekend Life

    Yesterday G had her very first activity – playing soccer for the first time! It was more “run around the field after balls” but it was so cute. Annabel also started soccer after a…

    April 11, 2021
  • Weekend

    Weekend Etc

    I felt pretty terrible yesterday! This is not a complaint but an observation. I was grateful to be feeling like *&@# post-vax. But it still didn’t make yesterday super-easy. At work they mentioned getting…

    December 20, 2020