Sunday List

July 10, 2022

Order groceries. I almost always use PrepDish these days but I’m feeling like this week is calling for some simple & homey favorites.

M – How Sweet Eats Fuji Apple Salad (Panera copycat)

T & W – Tacos / taco salad made with ground turkey

R – How Sweet Eats Broccoli Shells + Cheddar

F – leftovers or easy stuff

S/Su – travel! (Camp visiting day + Ithaca w/ Josh!)

Second to LAST workout of TS with Andy #2! 45 minutes full body. OMG this was hard (60 second lifting intervals feel LONG).

Make banana muffins (with G’s help!). (We used this recipe and it definitely delivered)

Put next week’s plan on board and send to all involved parties

Decide on some details for our December ski trip. I received an email about getting the best rates early so . . . I guess we might as well commit. We will be there ~4 full days (it’s a 6 day stretch, but two are basically full days of travel). I’m thinking we’ll probably do 3 days of skiing? And 2-3 days of lessons/ski school for kids? Seeking advice from anyone who has done a first family ski trip!

Help Josh unpack boxes in the garage. Bah. But he fixed my dead car key battery so I guess I owe him. And he has promised doing something to fix my closet (which still contains two large cardboard boxes of linens) can be next . . .

Round in hospital! Not sure I will have to go in, but I’m ready! Only one midnight call last night; was able to help out and go right back to sleep. Grateful.

Pre-write tomorrow’s show notes! I almost never do this but I think it will help Monday be smoother (and it looks to be a long day – I am on call + early meeting + late meeting!).

Well. I’m feeling pretty ahead of the game so far . . . happy weekend.


  • Reply Angela July 10, 2022 at 10:41 am

    As someone that lives in a ski town and my kids have been skiing since they were 2 I’d recommend the 3 days of lessons if this is their first time! But if you want to do 2 days and then ski together as a family on the last day that’s good. The kids should catch in quickly. Have fun!

    • Reply MC July 12, 2022 at 8:43 am

      As a former ski instructor I’d recommend 2 days only at least for G. We used to get kids age 4-5 in from Florida/Texas/warm spots and they were often really overwhelmed with just wearing all the mittens and hats and seeing snow. Often a day with the daycare option or just playing in snow helped them to get used to it to try skiing. Depends on the personality of course! Some did dive right in, but do consider the fact that its more than just skiing to adjust to. The 4 year old program where I worked had an option for all day daycare with a 2hr lesson either am or pm that worked well. 2hrs is plenty of time to try it and then back inside for a nap or arts and crafts.

  • Reply Ashley G July 10, 2022 at 10:55 am

    We did our first family ski trip last December (kids were 7 and barely 4 at the time). We did two days of lessons and that was plenty as the 4 yo was all the way over it haha. We planned tubing, pool, etc., for the last day. It was a trip with extended family so the kids that were super into skiing (1 of 6) went the last day while everyone else had flexibility. Our ski school was all day, so that might be part of it. My husband and I hadn’t been skiing in 10+ years so this was also good for us to ease back into it. Good luck!

  • Reply Beth July 11, 2022 at 11:39 am

    We had a similar schedule for our first big family ski trip (3 days of skiing). The kids were 6 and 4. We sent them both to ski school on days 1 and 2. At that age, ski school is super fun and they take plenty of warm up/hot chocolate/snack breaks. They also teach the kids to put on their ski gear which is worth the money itself. On day 3 we let them choose ski school or bunny slopes with mom and dad. They both chose ski school. After that, we started reducing the # of ski school days. E.g. 2 days of ski school for a 3 day trip, then 1. As they got older, ski school also taught them to ride the ski lift. This year (kids are now 7 and 10), we didn’t do any ski school (7-8 days of skiing, but we live in CO now). They’re now riding lifts and doing green/blue runs with no adults and it’s pretty cool.

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