Weekly Workouts: Vac Edition

August 12, 2023

After several weeks of 50+ miles/week, my past 2 weeks were definitely less intense, especially this week. This was partly because of travel and partly because I was having some pain (adductor issue of some kind) – thankfully this seems to be improving!

1339.9 mi this year so far . . .

Week 1 of travel: Vancouver / start of cruise

M: 7 mi, 10:01/mi at the waterfront/Stanley Park area

T: 7 mi, 9:07/mi – same route

W: 7 mi, 9:35/mi – same route again (what can I say – if I find a scenic / safe route on vacation, I don’t really see any reason to change it up!)

R: Cruise – day at sea! 6 mi on the TM, ~10:00/mi

F: Cruise – glacier day. 4.2 mi on the TM, ~9:30/mi + full body weights

S: Cruise – Ketchikan day. 6 mi on cruise deck

S: Cruise – day at sea. 5 mi on the TM + 10-15 min weights

Note: most cruise runs done while G and sometimes C went to the kids club.

Total = 42 mi / strength x 2

Week 2 of travel: end of cruise / Vancouver Island / home

M: Rest (planned)

T: Unplanned (didn’t feel great + pain)

W: Trail run with Josh – 6 mi @ 9:52/mi ave. Did not feel great on this run but survived.

R: Rest (planned, travel day)

F: Back home – helloooooo heat + humidity. 7 mi @ 9:59/mi

S: 16 mi slog long run in 80-85F temps and 90% humidity. 10:16/mi ave. I had to keep repeating to myself “you get to do this . . . you get to do this” and tried not to feel bad about my slow paces.

S: Yoga

Total = 29 mi, nothing else!

I feel like next week my marathon training block starts in earnest – here we go!


  • Reply coco August 12, 2023 at 5:28 pm

    I find low week so much easier now. any long run less than 15 miles feels way easier than before. isn’t it? I’m still not at 50+ like you, probably will only peak at that mileage, but substantially higher than my previous training cycles. 8 weeks to go for me, so I might start recording my weekly workout on the blog for future reference.

  • Reply Jenny August 13, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    Oof. Coming back to this weather and doing a 16 mile run must have been brutal. Amazing job of getting your runs in while you were away! Maybe the adductor issue was well-timed- you probably needed some rest days anyway. I hope it’s feeling better now!

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