5 on a Friday: New Year Edition

January 5, 2024

5 podcast episodes I LOOOOVED listening to for that fresh start feeling (and because I am endlessly fascinated by other people’s goals lists!):

1- Happier: 24 in 2024!! Always enjoy hearing what is on Gretchen + Elizabeth’s lists.

2- Modern Mrs. Darcy: Anne’s Best Books in 2023

3- 10 Things to Tell You: 10 Things I Learned in 2023

4- Edit Your Life: Tips for Gentle Entry into a New Year

5- Nobody Asked Us with Des + Kara: Year In Review (AKA the #$*# Show Episode) (they don’t seem to have a dedicated site so I linked to their YouTube!)

BONUS, halfway through on my commute this morning but happens to be a topic I am currently obsessed with:

6- Ezra Klein Show: Tired? Distracted? Burned Out? Listen to This (the main topic is attention, not burnout/fatigue per se. But I guess that was a click-baitier headline.)

I don’t think the “New Year” content is finished yet either as many shows went on hiatus over the holidays!

5 things I am looking forward to in January:

1- Seeing Mean Girls (2024) (probably with all 3 kids, will read reviews and see. But they all saw #1 . . .)

it’s Renee Rapp from Sex Lives of College Girls!!

2- More cool weather runs. It’s our absolute BEST weather month! I am so happy to be recovered and running well and enjoying it. We will get outside a lot. Contemplating a 5K to test my fitness. Maybe.

3- Seeing Mitski in Miami Beach (and a date night along with it)

4- A month with NO travel – I absolutely love traveling but I need a month of being grounded and just . . . not leaving!

5- Just generally leaning into new routines / goals / etc for 2024!



  • Reply Lisa's Yarns January 5, 2024 at 12:25 pm

    I’m glad you are getting some excellent running weather! We have had a really mild winter here so I can not complain about our winter so far. We have gotten off easily so far! I mean we still have probably 3.5 months of winter left, but having 2 months less of winter than we usually do is a HUGE WIN!

    I need to start listening to the Ezra Klein show. I have heard so much buzz about it and I think he lives in Minneapolis!

  • Reply Grateful Kae January 5, 2024 at 1:01 pm

    I’m super excited because since we’ve been traveling for the past 2 weeks, during this time I have only listened to just a couple podcast episodes (bobw and blp, of course!!). I have a huge backlog built up of great new years episodes to listen to when I get home! Hoping they will jumpstart my early morning workouts this upcoming week! 😉

  • Reply Jenny January 6, 2024 at 2:47 pm

    Overall, December was the best running month… ever? I hope the winter continues like this and we’re not left lamenting “But December was so NICE!”
    Oh, a new Mean Girls? My daughter will want to see that!
    I love Gretchen and Elisabeth- and I love this time of year when they review their goals for 2023 and reveal their new goals. I’ll have to check out the other ones you mentioned- I haven’t listened to Des and Kara lately.

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