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January 13, 2024

A simple to do list post for today . . .


✔︎ Long run (15 mi) – weather was not ideal (hot, humid) but was grateful to get it done with 0 interruptions (was ready to stop for any urgent work call)

❒ Gymnastics (currently there!) w A. G has her first day of soccer (and Josh is assistant coaching!) so she’s taking a break from Saturday gymnastics.

❒ Drop A @ bday brunch party; possibly go to own brunch with Josh / C / G if there is time.

❒ See pts in hospital. 2 more days on call! I haven’t slept through the night yet this week but now the end is in sight and I remain really happy with how I have handled things.


  • work on email backlog (I now know to expect/accept this on call!)
  • book C’s video game truck bday party (for those keeping track, this will be his 3rd consecutive video game truck party – but that’s what he wants and it’s so easy, so I won’t argue!)
  • plan next week
  • FaceTime with my sister/niece (not really a “task” but I don’t want to forget!)
  • possibly book airplane tix for Montana (March). They do not seem to have great levels of snow yet but hopefully by March (also just saw it’s -20 there right now with high -2!! Memories of our one day of not skiing there last Dec when it was -30 or something truly crazy like that!)

Tonight will probably be a chill night of takeout (cuisine TBD, maybe Greek or Thai?) and a movie . . . I fell asleep watching Harry Potter last night with the kids so that’s about my speed right now.


❒ Yoga / barre for recovery, maybe even some super relaxed cycling or a walk if I can get a kid to come with me

❒ Groceries

❒ Put week on board

❒ Write weekly workouts / Monday show notes posts

❒ Round in hospital

❒ Make something for dinner

❒ Quick weekly fam meeting (giving this a try!)

❒ Tax stuff (W-2/W-3 for our nanny). After getting super stressed out and rushing to do 1099s at the last minute last year I learned my lesson and got on this stuff EARLY.

❒ Lie around reading The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store and maybe finish it – it’s taking me longer to read mostly because of call (tired so I fall asleep much more quickly at night while trying to read, has nothing to do w the book — I really like it a lot, both the writing style and the story!)


  • Reply Omdg January 13, 2024 at 12:16 pm

    Could you try somewhere like Taos / Santa Fe for skiing? They had snow in December and there’s a ton of stuff to do even if you can’t ski. Might be cheaper and easier to get to than Big Sky too. Just a thought. Added that book to my TBR.

    I thought you might be interested to hear that I read 15 books last year and I seem to be having an easier time getting into and completing them. It used to feel like just picking a book was high stakes, and when I’d finished a book I liked I had a period of mourning where I just couldn’t get into another one for months. Anyway, I’m not sure what happened but I seem to have established this as a new habit, likely in part bc of you talking about reading all the time. So thank you!!

  • Reply Sarah January 13, 2024 at 12:42 pm

    I DNF that book in print, but my audio hold just came in, and I think I’ll make it in that form at— glad to hear it’s good!!

  • Reply Lisa’s Yarns January 13, 2024 at 12:51 pm

    I felt a little meh about that book. I had trouble keeping all the characters and how they were connected straight! I should have maybe taken notes or something. I am glad you are liking it!

    We are having weather similar to MT right now. It’s terribly cold! We were supposed to get 6” of snow yesterday but it was too cold for it to snow much! So we are leaning heavily on screens right now as I hate being out and about when the feels like is -10F or colder.

    I hope MT gets more snow so that trip can happen. It’s been a weird winter here!!

  • Reply Tierney8 January 13, 2024 at 10:24 pm

    I LOVED The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store. I thought his character descriptions were amazing- “his face looked like he had a habit of stepping on rakes.” I loved it so much that I had to read a trashier book that I knew I would like just to keep the good read vibes going. The trashy book was Fourth Wing. A good two word summary is “carnal lightning (IYKYK).”

  • Reply jennystancampiano January 14, 2024 at 5:14 pm

    Just reading about your week on call is making me tired. But, nice job on the long run! Our weather has really been all over the place. I’ve been REALLY lucky that my last few long runs fell on colder days.
    I hope you get time to finish your book!

  • Reply ARC January 15, 2024 at 10:58 pm

    My Kindle really wants me to read that book – it’s been the ad for several weeks and I’m probably going to cave 🙂 I’ve read other books by the author and loved them.

    It is weirdly FREEZING in Phoenix right now, but I’m enjoying getting to wear all my cold weather clothes after a brutal summer/fall.

    And whoa, don’t know how you handle being on call. I only had one team where I was on call for ONE week total (and it’s software, not life and death) and it was ROUGH because I couldn’t sleep in *anticipation* of getting a call. This was a team that let anyone with a baby < 1 year old off the call schedule so I never had to do it again because my job disappeared while I was on mat leave. No love lost there.

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