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February Recap: It Looked Good On Paper

March 2, 2024


Miles run: 194.6 at an average pace of 8:57/mi. Total hours spent running = just under 29

Half marathon PR! I set a new PR at the A1A half! The official time was 1:46:15 (a PR for me by 30 seconds!), but the race directors later emailed that the course was long. Adjusted time probably something like ~1:43:45.

Strength training: OMG I only did strength 4 times in February, between 20 – 27 minutes each time. And none after 2/11!! In my (sort of) defense, I decided to cut it out before my race but I have no excuse for the last ~10 days of nothing. Time to get back on that!


Peak Mind by Amishi Jha (made me think a lot about attention, something I am currently obsessed with. And I still think of “find your flashlight” which is basically gaining awareness of WHAT / HOW you’re focusing whenever I do Headspace.

The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker (for Patreon book club- enjoyed this one!)

Wellness: A Novel by Nathan Hill (LOVED. One of my favorite novels in a while.)

Iona Iverson’s Rule for Commuting by Claire Pooley (light read, nothing earth shattering but pleasant; read for neighborhood book club)

In progress: The Covenant of Water (starting to grow on me!) and a productivity book (not Cal’s, though I did preorder that too!) that isn’t out yet that I’m reading for a BOBW interview.

Totals for year so far: 5 nonfiction / 4 novels


Strong clinical month, productivity-wise. And I worked out some issues at work with a really positive resolution at the end of the month.

Had a great BOBW retreat with Laura and finalized launch of BLP Live 2.0 (signup details coming in the next newsletter!)


Successful annual V-day treasure hunt

Hosted a birthday party for C’s 10th that went well

Got most of the camp schedule sorted out

Navigated some tough school/life stuff with a kid (an ongoing thing, but at least got started with a plan)

Survived EVERYONE in our house being sick with the same virus (maybe flu? we do flu vaccines but obviously they are not 100%) one after another except for me! I recognize I am now jinxing myself.


Lots of social stuff! Run club, book club, and a work party complete with karaoke. All were really fun! I feel like I had a curmudgeonly vibe but there were definitely bright spots.

Date night x 1 with a concert (Nickel Creek)



Estate planning

Tax prep

Pitching other podcasts

Remain scroll-free (Reddit was my February downfall)

Watch movies or TV. I’m sad about this! I guess I did see part of the Super Bowl and the Olympic Marathon trials!


  • Reply Chelsea March 2, 2024 at 6:49 pm

    Nickel Creek! Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I bet it was a great concert, though. Here’s to March!

    I celebrated my PR by… signing up to run Marine Corps in the fall(!) BUT this is a totally different goal race. My neighborhood running buddy and I are determined to make this a run-for-fun group event. No stress. No goals other than enjoying the race and having fun together.

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 2, 2024 at 6:53 pm

      Ha I love it! You rocked it!!! I am still thinking I will do Jax in December since we got a deferral but need to get to Bayshore start line first!!!!

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