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  • life

    5 on a Friday: No Instagram in 2022?

    1- POD EP: Planner Games from Planners & Wine. I was just excited to hear Meg + Myra talk about what they might use next year! 2- Blog post: I enjoyed this Physician On…

    October 22, 2021
  • Weekend

    Library Haul and White Lotus

    Last night I watched 2.5 eps of White Lotus and it was glorious. The kids were happily watching Frozen 2. We all had popcorn. It would have been a pretty fantastic night had I…

    September 25, 2021
  • Weekend

    A Better Solo Saturday

    Yesterday: . . . was decent. Better than my last Saturday solo anyway. I got in my usual morning routine (workout, etc). G napped (HALLELUJAH) and there was pizza. I took a (30 minute)…

    October 11, 2020