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    Day 4: Big Sky Adventures

    We are headed out today. This trip has been really fantastic. Josh and I were reflecting and we have not had a ‘good’ winter break since 2018 when we traveled to PHL during Christmas.…

    December 26, 2022
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    Day 3: Ski School Success

    Everyone took lessons again! G had a half day (in retrospect: next time, full days for G), A/C had a full day in which they graduated to the real lift and a legit green,…

    December 25, 2022
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    Hooray for Ski School

    Everyone went to school yesterday – A&C for a full day (9:30 – 3:30) and the rest of us for the afternoon. Everyone did well — A&C were proud that they ‘moved up a…

    December 24, 2022