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    My 40%

    Part of my full time job When someone asks what I do for work, I give a long winded answer about working part time as a pediatric endocrinologist but also having another part time…

    October 18, 2023
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    5 on a Friday: Books, Planners & Work

    1- I should always trust your book recs! Since American Royals #3 was not yet available via Libby, I started this recommended novel: 2- Planner News: Cultivate Planner? I received this in my email…

    July 8, 2022
  • COVID19 life Reading


    Such thoughtful comments on yesterday‘s post! I am not finished with my wellness presentation, unfortunately. It will be given Sept 30th in whatever state it is in, but how meta that it is totally…

    September 22, 2021
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    Day 65: 39.996

    25 (I find 25-year-old me really cute) 30 (and yet 30-year-old me sounds kind of annoying) 35 (thankfully this version of me seems closer to ‘normal’) ??? Tomorrow is my birthday. Having had a…

    May 19, 2020
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    Day 5: Seeking Comfort

    Will I keep titling the posts “Day ###” when we are in the 20s and beyond? I guess I will have to make that decision down the road. I do feel like I am…

    March 20, 2020