stimulating the economy, part 2

August 10, 2009

shopping success
every time i read a post about someone going shopping and there is no montage of pictures at the end showing the loot, a tiny part of me dies.

seriously! vicariously spending through the fabulous purchases of others is one (of many) reasons that i enjoy my time spent on google reader. my favorite shopping/fashion blog is the (chloe) conspiracy, through which i learned about i enjoy reading and viewing chloe’s shopping adventures, partly because she is a very good (and humorous) writer, and partly because she is almost as short as i am yet manages to WORK IT in her nanette lepore.

so: i had a very fruitful return session at anthropologie yesterday, and i will share my results! back went the dress from this post, and i returned home with not one but two summer beauties for the same price, thanks to some lovely finds on sale + the tax-free weekend in NC! by far — and i mean by FAR — the best part of my wardrobe is my collection of cute little warm-weather dresses, most of which are from anthro. my work pants may be polyester crappiness from express, circa 2006, but i don’t care — i guess i’d just rather look good on my off time.

or, if i ever switch career plans to become a trophy wife in a warm climate, i’m set.

key lime pie dress (not the real name, but isn’t it appropriate?) by plenty by tracy reese

quiet light dress by maeve, as seen in this post. yes i will gladly snag april’s leftovers at 50% off! i think someone returned it.

julie & julia
LOVED it. i knew exactly how julie felt when she got her first blog comment, only to have it be from her mom! josh felt like the movie was lacking in conflict, but i didn’t care. it was engaging and fun to watch with great characters and acting, and it made me happy. nothing wrong with that! i mean, for the most part viewers already KNOW the ending is a success story, as demonstrated by the movie itself being played right before our eyes.

my only gripe is that i think it could have contained more food porn. there were more scenes of lavish cakes and stews being dropped or otherwise ruined than culinary victories, and i’m sure that for the most part julie’s creations were enjoyed without incident.

giveaway: last call!
i realize that yesterday i said something about 3 days, but really it was 2. i can’t count, apparently. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO ENTER — i’ll be picking a winner via random number generator tomorrow AM. a reminder: if you have a blog please link to the contest!



workout: 9 miles of mixed paces on the treadmill (all 0.5% incline) while reading runner’s world. i LOVED this run for some reason!
1 mi @ 9:13/mi
2 mi @ 8:12/mi
1 mi @ 9:13/mi
2 mi @ 8:12/mi
1 mi @ 9:13/mi
1 mi @ 7:53/mi
1 mi @ 9:13/mi

doin’ time: the movie SO motivated me to cook! josh and i both greatly enjoyed the easy pairing of pork tenderloin (whole foods level 2 — unfortunately no local cut was available) + fresh corn / black eyed pea / pepper salad.

reading: none, but i plan on resuming today.