September 10, 2009

i can’t count

you know how i said it was post #998 yesterday? no, it’s just that there were 998 posts already there. so yesterday? 9.9.9? WAS POST 999. and i didn’t even plan it!

which means that today is a big day.


wow. i cannot believe that i have sat down 1000 times to write a blog post. that represents many, many hours of spewing my thoughts onto the internet. back in the early days, i’m not even sure that anyone was even reading them! if a blogger blogs in an empty forest, do her posts make a sound? um, never mind.

as you can see, my writing skills have not improved yet. perhaps after the next 1000, things will be different.

a little trip down (blog) memory lane . . .

july 26, 2004: my first post. i thought it would be interesting to “document my month in lumberton.” and document i did.

january 3, 2005: blogging about blogging, in which i muse about the public nature of having a blog and the thought that must go into what actually makes it onto the internet for all to see.

january 9, 2005: first set of publicly declared new years resolutions! a yearly tradition, still going strong.

may 23, 2005: my first marathon. 2005 was when i truly caught the running bug! also, note that this link is to a different blog — i used to have separate sites for running and cooking projects! ambitious, but unsustainable.

may 19, 2005: science is hard. yes it is. a little foreshadowing (although i didn’t know it at the time) . . .

march 21, 2006: woah . . . and here it comes, my big career/life revelation and decision to quit the PhD program. looking back from this vantage point, i’m incredibly happy about how everything worked out. but man, that was a stressful time.

june 10, 2006: a wedding story, posted AFTER returning from our hawaiian honeymoon. no trip recap, unfortunately . . . although i suppose some things are probably best left undocumented!

september 23, 2006: i report that pediatric endocrinology is awesome. ahh, 4th year of medical school — best year ever! i’d go back in a heartbeat.

may 14, 2007: and i graduate from medical school. wow, could i be a little more underwhelmed about the whole thing? sheesh.

june 29, 2007: i survived the first day of intern year! and so did the babies. whew.

june 29, 2008: aaand, it’s over — intern year, that is. this marks a very happy day in my life, and also the start of a daily blogging streak that is still going strong.

august 26, 2008: residency low point, ie PICU meltdown. glad that’s over.

december 2, 2008: the birth of doin’ time. and now i’m almost down to the last season. i don’t know what i’ll do when i’m done . . .

may 19, 2009: napa/sonoma trip! probably the best-documented vacation we’ve taken (although asheville in july of 2008 comes close)

august 17, 2009: blogging summit! i went to boston for the healthy living summit, met lots of awesome fellow bloggers, and had a blast.

august 20, 2009: magazine debut! that was pretty exciting.

so there you have it! just a few highlighted selections from this 1000-post library. and, i’ll admit it: i absolutely adore being able to go back and look at these posts. i’ll never have to wonder what i did with my mid to late 20s!

an enormous thank you (and some virtual hugs + kisses!) to everyone who has read and commented, for inspiring me to continue posting over all this time — i truly appreciate it. here’s to 1000 more!