Weekend & More

January 28, 2019

I am off today, but am planning for a massive catchup day as I prepare for my first week on call in some time. Big items planned:

  • sign kids up for gymnastics and maybe one more activity (I have been purposely slow to do this, since they are just getting used to their new schools)
  • 2 podcast recordings, using a new system (wish us luck!)
  • prep presentation for Weds on creating a good poster presentation or case report (I haven’t done either in quite some time, but thankfully there are many resources available to help teach this, and hey — that way I get a refresh, too!)
  • pay bills and generally clear out physical inbox on desk
  • send C’s bday party invite!
  • (maybe) go to post office & start The Great Pants Return, starting with the Theory ones from the last post!

Thank you all for the pants feedback, by the way! I really appreciate it. You all helped confirm that the Theory version was not worth the price tag (they may have been if they had fit perfectly, but upon reflection and photo analysis, they did not). I have now tried on pairs from Everlane, 2 x J Crew, and Banana Republic, and may have found more success. I think the J Crew Martie may be the current front-runner. Actual petite sizing — rather than just different length options — definitely seems to help things fit me better. This should probably be a ‘duh’ since I am 5’1″, but hasn’t been.

Some weekend pix before I get my run on and hopefully have a super productive day off . . .

love this pic of G (and her outfit)
at a lovely playdate on Saturday (back in Miami Beach)
Pumpkin pancakes, yogurt, pecans/pumpkin seeds, maple syrup, pears & strawberries
Sunday family breakfast at home = my current favorite thing
G actually took a decent nap on Sunday afternoon! During that time, A&C alternated playing Mindcraft (they are using a minimalist Raspberry Pi computer that Josh set up) & reading between turns at the screen
This guy needs to work on his reaction to when he is told he has 5 minutes left . . .
Josh finished at work in time for us to get burgers @ Pincho Factory – good end to the weekend!