weekends, pants, workouts & more

January 22, 2019


Another weekend on the books. We are in a phase of life where each weekend is a mashup of fuzzy feelings of family togetherness spiked with intermittent bursts of frustration and exhaustion. Josh and I tend to look at each other on Sunday nights and comment (often over a drink): “well, we survived another one!”.

I tend to do a fair amount of weekend planning these days, because there are a lot of moving parts. Call schedules, piano lessons (still in Miami Beach . . . for now), birthday parties, play dates, etc. And because the rest the weekends are quite kid focused, we like to go out (most) Saturday nights when neither of us are on call. I didn’t make a reservation anywhere and we ended up driving around to multiple places trying to figure out where to eat — clearly we are such newbies to the area!

After two false starts (the much-hyped Cooper’s Hawk had a 2 hour wait that I cannot fathom is worth it), we ended up at cinque terre, which was good and had a cozy, casual atmosphere. I am trying to figure out the restaurant scene here, which is less of a scene and more of . . . a smattering of places in random strip malls. I am sure we will uncover some gems, though! (And if you’re a Broward County resident and have suggestions for great dining in suburbia . . . I welcome them!).

The weekend also contained:

  • piano lessons for both kids
  • a bday party extravaganza (there were PONY RIDES, face paint, balloons, a piñata, popcorn/cotton candy – all at one party! Did I mention pony rides?!?!)
petite little ponies!
Cameron is not the easiest face painting subject. He morphed into a Power Ranger (their latest obsession!)

We also took a family trip to IKEA.

as one does!

I managed to work out both days and sleep in (until . . . 7:30?) Sunday, so I’d deem the weekend a success.

I had yesterday off — and thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King, the kids did too! We went to Young at Art in the afternoon (along with most of the county). Thankfully, there is enough square footage there to accommodate crowds.

some strong magnets

I also went on a run in 47 degree weather (!), signed the kids up for camp and did our nanny’s taxes (W-2, W-3). SUCCESS.

On the subject of workouts, I am aiming to continue a mix of running + strength workouts. I have started using Strava — just the free version — to track my consistency, and I do like that you can pull up a week or month’s worth at a time (on the computer interface, not on the phone app).

Last week was a pretty ideal one: 3 runs (3-4 mi each), 3 BB sessions (total body cardio, upper, and dirty 30). I also really really want to try two nearby workout places: Burn Boot Camp and Orange Theory. I feel like one studio workout/week would be a great complement to what I already do on my own, and a good reason to actually leave the house on my days off. I will report back 🙂

Finally — on the subject of pants — I decided to do my own experiment and ordered pairs (on your recommendations) from Banana Republic, J Crew, Betabrand, Everlane, Boden, and also a hideously overpriced pair from Theory. I will obviously NOT be keeping all of these pants, but I am willing to sacrifice shipping costs when necessary to find the perfect pair without an in-person spree. I hope I ordered the right sizes (I used proper size charts & fit guides on each site when possible and went for petites when available). SO: there will be a work pant review to come!!