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It’s MARCH (& 5 on a Friday)

March 1, 2019

1- OMG how is it March? I can’t be the only one who turned the page in my planner and literally gasped. Didn’t 2019 just start? Didn’t February just start?

Apparently not. We are 16% of the way through already.

The month passed by in a blur of activity. (There were only a few afternoons home alone with 3 kids that seemed to last an eternity!). I am most happy about 3 things:

a) Figuring out my new work plan, going forward

b) Starting at a new gym (Ellen’s Ultimate) and getting into group workouts (I’ve only gone 3x so far, but I am sold)

c) Executing C’s birthday party successfully and making him happy

Did not do everything on my Feb list, but here it is for posterity!

2- Books read in Feb. This is not a long list, but I thoroughly enjoyed both!

a) Bad Blood, by John Carreyrou. OMG you guys. I’ve mentioned this so many times, but this journalistic account of the Theranos scandal is just such a fascinating story. It made me think a lot about leadership and integrity and pseudoscience and more. I devoured this book (purchased on Kindle and read on my phone).

b) Educated, by Tara Westover. Also nonfiction, but also completely gripping. Both books had a similar theme of powerful leaders spewing complete falsehoods and hurting others along the way.

3-     BLACK PANTS & SUPERFICIAL THINGS UPDATE. I am wearing my new black pants a lot! Apparently they were the missing element to my work uniform. I am rotating the J Crew, Banana, and Everlane pairs. I received my Theory refund promptly (thank you Theory).

With my refund windfall back in my allowance bucket, I ordered a new Trunk Club shipment. So watch for a review next week 🙂

4- Workout report. As I mentioned above, I started at a new gym. I have also been continuing to track running & workouts on Strava consistently and like being able to review the data! Feb included 22 workouts over 28 days, including 11 runs, 3 Ultimate (gym/circuit/weights) workouts, and 8 Beachbody sessions. I am feeling a bit faster and stronger. Yay!

Strava calendar screenshot

5- I’m really excited for this month! We have multiple trips planned (including the much-awaited Disney Cruise!), Josh and I are taking call simultaneously (so no solo-parenting weekends, though I honestly didn’t mind the last one), and I feel like we are settling into our new home/location. The big fat cherry on top would be if we sold our Miami Beach house . . . guess we will see.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  • Reply sassysparky March 10, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    I feel really vindicated because when I first heard about Theranos and using one drop of blood, I was v skeptical. But it is so much more than the science not being feasible!

    I for one am ready for March. February is usually a tough month and it was true to form this year. I’m ready for spring, G’s birthday, our Disney trip, and a fresh start!

  • Reply Marci March 10, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    I read Educated also and liked it, and reading Bad Blood now. It is fascinating that she had so much power, even with so many skeptics. Listened to Dr. Death a commenter mentioned too. Also crazy how things get so far before something happens. We are doing Disney this month for the first time and moving out of our house (but not into our new one for 5-6 weeks after), so I’m a little sad about that.

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