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Day 110: Shifting Gears

July 3, 2020

I just spent 3 days on call (during the day) and they went well. I actually enjoy call when it doesn’t involve waking up at night! (Duh.)

Anyway, it is time for an abrupt pivot to #parentinglife because I am in charge of the kids/home life for the next 3 days. Josh is on call for the 2nd weekend in a row — I think we originally engineered this schedule on purpose planning to travel, but now it’s just a vestige of the early-2020-past, which does seem like quite a while ago, doesn’t it?

This schedule has not bothered me much, but I can tell he is very tired. I hope the holiday weekend slows down for him.

3rd of July Plans

Leg Day (40 min) – about to happen.

Read more of The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (so good).

Some organize365 catchup – I’m behind! Luckily there’s not a real deadline 🙂

Take kids outside (high today = 94 and it will be 86 by 9 AM so . . . I’m thinking very brief scooter ride & then pool)

Hot dogs / corn / salad for dinner (so hopefully no complaints from the kids!)

DIY mani/pedi. I bit my nails last night. I used to do this all the time; now I only do it periodically. I hate it! When my nails are filed/painted I am so much less likely to do that, so . . . time for some emergency nail care.

Drawing w/ the kids. G can draw a person (sort of!). It’s the cutest thing. She is growing up. (She prefer diapers and demands her pacifier at every nap and bedtime though so she’s not toooooo grown yet.)

by G @ age 2.5

PS: Our house is being torn apart – we had a major roof leak; luckily the water only went into the garage. It turns out that NOT OWNING said house makes this pretty much stress free. What if they do a bad job and the repair doesn’t last? Oh well, not my house. What if the project takes far longer than expected and costs 8 million dollars? Fine, not my $! #rentallife forever.

OK – leg day time.


  • Reply Chelsea July 3, 2020 at 7:36 am

    Ugh – sorry about the roof!

    We are finally having our old floor ripped out next week. We had a bathtub leak 3(!!!) years ago that caused a cascade of 1.Having to rip up part of the floor in the master bedroom, 2. Finding out that the floor was installed incorrectly in just about every way possible (this house was a flip about 3 owners before we bought it making it *superficially* nice looking when we moved in…) 3. Learning that the floor underneath is terrazzo 4. Waiting 3 years to decide exactly what we want to do (live with it, replace the current floor with a wood-style tile, rip of the floor and polish the terrazzo *if* it is in good condition throughout the house), 4. Getting sick of looking at our worn out floor with a big chunk missing in a medium traffic area (on my side of the bed!) 5. Figuring out that (of course) having the terrazzo is *much* cheaper than actually putting in a new floor and is probably of higher quality 6. Taking up *more* boards to decide we think the terrazzo is basically in good condition. 7.Getting quotes to get the old floor taken up!

    It will be a hassle for two days, but I think we’re going to be *really* happy with the results. Even though there will be workers in the house, they wear masks and seal everything off because of the dust situation, so I’m assuming that will work against virus transmission as well.

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger July 3, 2020 at 8:04 am

      I hate house stuff so much which is why a rental saves me so much angst. I just . . . basically don’t think about it. ever. and I’m thrilled about that!

  • Reply Justine July 3, 2020 at 11:55 am

    this isn’t related to the post but I remember last week you asked for recommendations for books for your residents. If you’re still looking, I highly recommend “The spirit catches you and you fall down” by Anna Fadiman. It’s an excellent book about a Hmong immigrant family who have a daughter with a seizure disorder. The family considers this to be a spiritual gift and you can imagine that the medical team doesn’t agree and it’s a great read on the intersection of medicine and a family’s wishes but even beyond that, the inability or lack of empathy on the medical team’s part to explain things properly to the parents with proper translation and taking the time. At one point the daughter needed to be transferred to another hospital and the parents thought that she wouldn’t be transferred because the doctor had vacation plans. Really underlies how important effective communication is in medicine to give patients the best care.

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger July 3, 2020 at 12:42 pm

      yes! I read this book just before starting medical school and it was very powerful. i think i may put together a guide for other programs to use and this will definitely be on it!

  • Reply Leanne Sowul July 3, 2020 at 1:41 pm

    Hi Sarah, I haven’t checked in for awhile but I’ve been LOVING your daily posts! You’re so good at capturing both the planning and the unexpectedness of life. Today I’m deep-diving into your planner posts because I’m looking to switch things up– my Agendio was awesome but now that I’m at home all the time I’m disliking having a full page for every day, especially the time-tracker. My hours are all a hodgepodge of things and I never know what to track (but of course I feel like I have to, because #upholder). I want to do something more like your bullet journal, but my handwriting isn’t very beautiful so I’d rather have it be pre-printed. Thanks for all the great posts!

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