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Spooky (+ Somewhat Sullen) Saturday

October 31, 2020

Interviews . . . went okay (I honestly have no idea? It’s hard to know what a benchmark of ‘great’ would be!). And I ordered the AirPod Pros.


It is Saturday AND Halloween. This was supposed to be a BOTH OFF weekend, but one of Josh’s colleagues asked for a switch so now he is working Sunday. Not going to lie, I have been grumpy about this. But I guess I will be glad to have the day back in ~2 weeks.

Local Halloween Weather Forecast:


The above also does not bode well for Cameron’s first day of soccer.

This past week has been rough, honestly. Josh has had to work late most nights (and by late I mean I am asleep when he gets home). Last night I had literally no energy left for parenting, and the result was a night with a lot of negativity. I am really trying to muster some enthusiasm for Halloween but am struggling a bit. Some crisp fall weather and bright blue skies would be really helpful for setting the mood but . . . see the above.

I’m anxious about the election.

Local COVID cases appear to be rising again.

G has a runny nose again and we kept her home. I am debating whether to test her again.

Everyone is talking about 2021 and even though I am all for New Year energy, the idea that things are going to be different in January seems delusional at this point. I don’t even think we’ll have any final say about the election by that time (recent Atlantic take on this).

Positive Things About Today

✅ Josh is home today (even if not tomorrow)

✅ It’s takeout night (which usually means pizza on Halloween!)

✅ Family Halloween Zoom (hopefully with some sort of moderator – the big family zooms really benefit from ORGANIZATION of some sort and more use of the mute button . . . )

✅ The kids are still asleep (it’s 7:08 am)

✅ We can get a few nagging things done (open enrollment for benefits)

✅ The kids have really cute costumes (pix tomorrow)


  • Reply KLB October 31, 2020 at 8:25 am

    Sarah I am sure you have very many things to be concerned about currently and many of them concern me too. Here’s hoping though that some of it is your regular “end of the month” low feeling and that the start of November tomorrow will make you feel a little better about everything.

  • Reply Lisa of Lisa’s yarns October 31, 2020 at 9:50 am

    That is a lot of solo parenting so I understand why you feel sullen. Can your husband give you an afternoon off in the near future for a massage or pampering of some sort? It’s hard to come by ‘me time’ during Covid since there aren’t many places we can go. Or maybe he could take them somewhere for the afternoon and you can have the house to yourself? (If that sounds good to you).

    I feel pretty blah right now, too. I’m in the final 5 weeks of pregnancy and my rheumatoid arthritis is horrible right now. I’m fatigued by a lot right now so have not been in the best of moods… walks are usually my saving grace so I am glad it’s warming up this week (it’s been unseasonably cold and we got a ton of snow this month, too). So I feel you on not being all ‘happy happy joy joy!’

  • Reply Irene October 31, 2020 at 11:42 am

    Yesterday was a horrible day for me too. I was just fine with parenting by dinner time but apparently my husband, though home, was not up for taking in any thing extra. I am honestly wondering how we are going to keep this all up with zero outside help at all for the length of the pandemic. It’s just feeling impossible but I guess we will do it because what choice do we have.

    I am extremely down about the election. Biden signs getting stolen in my (extremely blue) area. People are just nuts. The attempts to repress voting, the chaos of it all. I don’t dare feel hopeful.

    Halloween is going to be yet another disappointment for my kids. Everything is a disappointment. I am so tired.

  • Reply Young October 31, 2020 at 11:48 am

    Yes, I read an article in the NYT about how the final result of the Election probably won’t be realized for weeks and … possibly months?! Especially with the potential of Trump contesting the result if (hopefully) it doesn’t go his way. Yeah, 2020 won’t be much different covid-wise, but I think people are still ready to put this year behind us, conceptually anyway. Also, your brief review of Wonderland 222 a few days ago inspired me to order their B6 planner. Exciting!

    • Reply Young October 31, 2020 at 11:56 am

      I just clicked on your Atlantic article and realized that it is in the same vein of the Times article I mentioned — aka, Trump potentially not letting go!

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