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  • life Parenting

    The Rest of Life

    Other things happening . . . While I have been going through my injury saga, life has continued to move forward. It feels bizarre that tomorrow the last two months of 2023 begin (aka…

    October 31, 2023
  • Fitness Travel Weekend

    SEA –> FLL

    About to head home! We had a fun trip that felt like a total time warp whirlwind, and I’m glad we came. This trip was not really tourism-focused but it was fun to explore…

    October 30, 2022
  • life Weekend

    5 on a Friday: Fall Fun

    1- FALL IS HERE because the annual Fall Extravaganza ep from Girl Next Door Podcast just dropped! I enjoy this every year, and 2022 had me laughing out loud (on my run . .…

    October 7, 2022
  • life Parenting

    October Beginnings

    Closure Yesterday was such an emotional day. The residents + my team colleagues gave me such a lovely sendoff, which was amazing on so many levels. I even received some planning-related gifts — they…

    October 1, 2022
  • Best Laid Plans Weekend

    BLP Show Notes + November

    I love this time of year. I think it is the combination of reflection and connection. And our weather finally getting nice helps, too. (This time change is never my fave — early rising…

    November 1, 2021
  • life Weekend

    5 on a Weekend

    Of course I got a migraine Thursday. (Because I announced how happy I was not to have had any this month yet? Perhaps!). So – in lieu of 5 on a Friday, here’s your…

    October 9, 2021
  • life

    5 on a Friday

    1- Today is our first residency interview day! I wouldn’t be nervous for an IRL interview, but since we are Zooming it I feel there are many things that could go awry. I also…

    October 30, 2020
  • Weekend

    New Week / Weekend

    I spent most of my weekend tired. Factors: Residency interviews Thursday & Friday! These went really well, but the stress just . . . took a lot out of me. I designed the schedule…

    October 28, 2019