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Dragons/Trainers + New Month

November 1, 2020

Halloween happened. It was fine. I would have upgraded to ‘good’ but the weather was dicey (as expected) and added a layer of stress I didn’t particularly enjoy.

BUT. The kids had fun, they collected candy (1/3 of their typical haul due to shorter duration / fewer homes handing out — which is a-okay with me!), and the night felt relatively ‘normal’.

All 3 are characters from How to Train Your Dragon – two trainers & one dragon

We actually ended up going around in A’s friends’ neighborhood, though our own did a nice job as well. You can see from this blurry shot that many were not masked, but for the record — our family definitely was!

(Even Viva)

That said, it wasn’t terribly crowded in this neighborhood so it was easy for groups to keep distance. A far cry from the sea of humanity that used to come to our old neighborhood in Miami Beach!


And with that, it’s a new month. AND the last official Quintile of the year — filled with holidays and reflection, though both may look different this year with so much uncertainty in the air.

Goals for the Month:

❏ Keep to #Op100 guidelines (Has been going very well! I did allow myself an Instagram exception last night to post & view Halloween pix — this felt right)

❏ Figure out horseback riding for A

❏ Work on estate planning #(*$&@# so at least framework is in place by end of year

❏ Submit QI Writeup for MOC4 credit

❏ Survive (and prepare for) 2 more interview dates!

❏ Keep a positive mindset during week of call (starts on Election Day. I actually do kind of welcome the distraction)

❏ Continue 3 days Beachbody / 3 days running combo

❏ Figure out some fun things to do as family during Thanksgiving break

I think today we are going to attempt Butterfly World again – it is going to be hot but whatever, hopefully no storm this time.

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