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5th Bday Party & Workout Report

December 4, 2022

Another kids’ bday party in the books!

Gymnastics + snacks + cupcakes (from Misha’s and yes I had one despite yesterday’s post) = very happy 4+ year olds. And happy parents, because the kids were all occupied and there was coffee.

Genevieve doesn’t actually turn 5 until next week but the reality of call schedule navigation means that the party was a week early. She didn’t mind . . .

Cameron in the background living his best life on the trampoline
A was pretty helpful!!!

(After years of procrastinating on thank you notes, I took pix as she opened each gift and sent thank you texts. I don’t know if Ms. Manners would approve but seems like a reasonable modern day compromise).

Workout Report

M: 4.1 mi with fast friend(s): splits 10:39, 9:13, 8:56, 9:56 – as usual you can tell when I am mostly running alone, ha. 69F, 98% + 20 min strength full body Callie (with a Taylor Swift theme, yess)

T: Super relaxed 4 mi, 11:16/mi, 67F, 91%

W: 6 mi with 3 @ tempo (prescribed – between 9:10-9:20). Warmup miles ~10:30 pace, then tempo miles 9:05, 9:19, 9:14, then a 12:13 cooldown mile (I walked a bit). Later start on this one and it was 78F 78% humidity. I did not enjoy the weather.

R: Callie’s 3-Day Split Day 1 – Back/Biceps (45 min) + ~50 mi walk in which I ended up soaked (surprise rainstorm)

F: 5 mi easy, 10:28/mi, 71F 80%

S: 13 mi long run, ave 10:27/mi, 71F 74%

S: 4 mi easy ave 10:39/mi, 30 min Callie’s 3-Day Split Day 2 – Chest/Shoulders/Triceps

TOTAL: 36.1 mi + 3 strength workouts (total = 95 min strength)

My half marathon (A1A) is over 2 months away and I feel like my endurance has improved a lot. Hopefully can spend the next couple months getting faster . . .

broke out my 2023 weeks as workout log!


  • Reply Noemi December 5, 2022 at 1:40 am

    I have historically been TERRIBLE about thank you notes, personally and on behalf of my kids (making my kids write them and then sending them out). So in the past few years I’ve taken a short video of my son or daughter thanking the person that sent the gift (right after they open it) and immediately texting the video to the sender. They get to say their own thanks and I get it done immediately (otherwise I would never get it done). It’s worked really well for me.

    • Reply Coree December 5, 2022 at 4:13 am

      Oh that’s a good idea!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger December 5, 2022 at 6:34 am

      Yes!! This is what I did only with a photo instead of a video. Soooo much easier!

  • Reply Lisa of Lisa's Yarns December 5, 2022 at 11:01 am

    The birthday party sounds great! Paul had one on Saturday and since I know the family well, I just dropped him off as I had a lot to do to prep for Will’s bday party that night. Paul had a great time – there were 4 boys and they got them all the same lego set and then put the set together. It was Paul’s first lego set and he loved it!

    I wrote Will’s thank you notes on Sunday. I like the idea of a text. I will often tell people to not send me a thank you. But I feel like I have to send thank yous. Especially to the group that came to our party on Sat night – it was all extended family on my husband’s side. But it felt good to get them done right away!!

    Paul will have his first friends party when he turns 5. But the way it’s done at daycare for most kids is that everyone is invited, you go to a park, and the kids play for 2 hours and have a birthday treat of some sort. The invite says “no presents” and everyone complies. So there are no thank you notes to write thank goodness!

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