Anticlimactic Winter Break

December 17, 2022

My kids = DONE!

They are off for the next two weeks. Initially, they had a day off on Monday 1/2 but it was converted to a hurricane makeup day (yay?) so they have exactly 16 days without school.

It was a week of themed dress days, class parties, and teacher gifts. I gave gifts/bonuses to office staff + our nanny. Finished with most family gift shopping. Still need: college BFF gifts. And that’s about it! Josh true to his word did end up taking care of Hanukkah. And we told the kids it would be a minimal affair this year and honestly didn’t get much protest. I think they are somewhat aware that they already have a lot.

(G understands this the least due to her age, but in this case her birthday timing works in our favor as she just received a deluge of $@&# and hasn’t really asked for much else.)


Clinic –> not done. I am working Mon + Tues (so the kids will be in “camp” at their school – sorry kids!)

BLP episodes –> not done, and typically the sound team needs me to be a bit ahead for the holidays. I also highly doubt I will be up for recording in Montana! So I need to batch some this weekend.

Though now that I look at it, it’s really just 2 episodes — 12/26 and 1/2. 12/26 will be a Q&A thanks to the wonderful questions and suggestions you keep providing, and 1/2 will be a celebratory Welcome to 2023 ep, so this should be doable (and also fun!).

(BOBW episodes –> already done, because Laura and I wanted some holiday buffer! And we have some really fun guest eps + our annual goals episode coming out.)

(BLPA materials –> ready, and here’s a graphic preview!)

So, I don’t have that AHHHHHH feeling of freedom, though I am looking forward to it arriving next week.


✅ Long run – done (11 mi and didn’t feel great but whatever it’s over and I’m still alive. Not every run is going to feel amazing.)

❏ Outline BLP eps

❏ Lay out winter/ski gear + start packing process

❏ Last trip to REI (I guess we are driving to Boca) to fill in any gaps

❏ Clear out physical inbox on desk that has gotten out of control

(Kids: gymnastics, soccer photos, soccer game (C))



  • Reply CBS December 17, 2022 at 12:36 pm

    So exciting! Ours starts Wednesday but my husband tested positive for covid this morning. We’ve avoided it for nearly three years. I had a weird 36 hour cold this week but was travelling and didn’t test, so maybe I’ve already had it. This is my wishful thinking as we fly on Friday 🙁 This is day 3 of symptoms for him, so I’m hoping it will clear fairly quickly.

    Currently dithering about what to do in the event kiddo doesn’t test positive. The rules say he’s supposed to go to school but that doesn’t feel right, given everyone will see their grannies and granddads at the weekend. I’m afraid when I call though, they’ll think we have left early for holiday. He will miss his class party and his judo party 🙁

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger December 17, 2022 at 12:44 pm

      Oh no!!! Yucky timing. I very much hope you already had it! And that your husband recovers quickly. We were sick for about a week.

  • Reply Cate December 18, 2022 at 9:11 am

    Many podcasters rerun a popular episode or take a planned break – options also available to you!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger December 18, 2022 at 10:49 am

      I know – considered it. But end of year / new years is a particularly special time for BlP/planners! If I do a rerun hiatus it would be like July!

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