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June 11, 2023


M: 7 mi with group, 9:37/mi ave. 71F

T: 7.14 mi, averaging 10:05/mi. 3 mi warmup, then did 6 x 1 minute @ 5k pace (7:37-8:10/mi). My right knee was hurting me (almost felt like it went . . . off track somehow?) and I was really worried I was developing an injury.

W: OFF from running to rest knee. Strength for runners x 30 min (old Becs Gentry)

R: OFF again from running to rest knee. 20 min strength for runners + 20 min yoga.

F: 5 miles on brand new ASICS Nimbus 23 and no pain. 10:07/mi. SO RELIEVED.

S: 18 mi long run, 9:55/mi average, started close to 11 min miles and ended around 9 min miles (progression run that just happened kind of naturally. I guess I was saving my energy? Or I actually need an 8 mile warmup? Something like that.)

S: 3 mi easy + 20 min upper body strength + 15 min yoga

TOTAL: 40 mi / strength x 3 / yoga x 2

I did not take this possible injury well (I never do and probably never will!). But it seems like things are better. I don’t even have a ghost of lingering pain after 18 miles on Saturday and that has to be a good sign!

I am still going to PT on Tuesday as I want to take proactive / preventative measures against anything knee or achilles related (they don’t hurt, but sometimes they do this popping thing in the morning that always makes me nervous).


  • I cannot neglect strength training
  • I am kind of old and therefore must be proactive to prevent injury
  • I should NOT ignore signs that shoes are either a) not for me or b) getting old (my ASICS had been at 410 miles and the new ones feel worlds better)

Kid Workouts: End of Gymnastics 2022-23!

The kids complained a LOT about going to gymnastics these past several months but were somehow very happy at the last class with zero complaining. Go figure!

I don’t think C will do it next year because he has other sports commitments (including year round travel soccer) and will probably have conflicting games on too many days. G will definitely go back and A might! So maybe the tradition will somewhat continue . . . I kind of love doing a Saturday long run and then taking them! It is a nice start to the weekend.


  • Reply Lisa of Lisa’s Yarns June 11, 2023 at 4:23 pm

    When I trained for my last marathon, I regularly went to ART at a chiro office which is an acronym for active release therapy. It’s hard to explain what to is but it’s kind of deep tissue massage. It was covered by insurance and I reach my deductible so early and typically my out of pocket max fairly early so I paid little to nothing for it and it was so helpful. Good call to keep your PT appt to make sure there aren’t any problems that are apparent to the PT!

    I did my first Becs Gentry strength for runners workout today and I really liked it! I’m doing a trial peloton membership.

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger June 11, 2023 at 5:21 pm

      I did ART with a chiropractor when I had injuries back at Duke. It was very helpful!!!

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