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March 10, 2024

Training for Bayshore Marathon: 11 Weeks to Go

Somehow the marathon is not all that far away anymore! It was a good week of training. Not a lot of speedwork — my plan doesn’t have much until ~7-8 weeks out from the race, it looks like. Even though I find speedwork really fun and effective (for increasing overall pace), I think that is super smart because getting to the start line without injury is the #1 priority. Very much hoping the next ~11 weeks will go well.

The theme for the week was . . . summer weather. Our “humidity blanket” is back. There ARE some nicer days next week so hopefully we’ll get one more reprieve before reality sets in for the next ~7-8 months.

M: Run with J + J, 8 mi @ 9:05/mi average. Felt kind of tired on this one!

T: 8.24 mi @ 9:36/mi + 30 min lower body strength (March Lower Body / Turbo Home version from soheefit)

W: 70 min treadmill run (7.5 mi) – there was thunder/lightning during my only running window of the day, so TM it was. I varied the pace between 6.3 mph – 6.6 mph with a few faster strides at the end. This wasn’t THAT bad. GRATEFUL for podcasts and headphones.

R: 8 mi @ 9:08/mi. Very humid but a tiny bit of rain at the end felt amazing. 25 min upper body strength (March Upper Body / Turbo Home version)

here’s a snippet of what the app looks like – it’s user-friendly and functional!

F: 7.19 mi @ 9:41/mi. Took it super chill in prep for Saturday.

S: 16 total, 8:38/mi average. Splits below. I had the ‘moderate’ feel until the last two when I accidentally pushed too hard on mile 15 (switched to music and I guess I got excited to finish, plus I think the wind was helping me for that mile). It was mid-70s (77F at the end) and very humid for this run so I feel good about it.

S: About to complete full body strength workout (workout #3 from the program) + ~20 min stretchy yoga. We will see how many times the kids ask for things during the workout (I’m taking them shopping later with the deal being that they work on homework and/or find some screen-free things to do now).

TOTAL: 55 mi / strength x 3 (assuming today’s gets done, but I am literally about to do it so my confidence is high!)

Next week is a call week. Going in with a positive attitude like I did in January. It will be fine (and self-limited!).


  • Reply Kristie March 10, 2024 at 9:26 pm

    I love reading your workout updates. You are consistent and motivated to push through challenges, and it seems like you really enjoy the process of training. I hope your call week goes well!

    • Reply Sarah Hart-Unger March 11, 2024 at 8:45 am

      thank you Kristie! Yes I do enjoy training. I almost never dread a run . Wish I felt this same about strength but maybe some day!

      • Reply Grateful Kae March 11, 2024 at 12:50 pm

        We are so the same in so many ways Sarah….yet here, totally flip-flopped opposites. Give me all the strength, and you can take all my cardio. Haha. If we could only combine us into one person, we’d be unstoppable. 😜

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