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  • life Planners

    5 on a Friday: TGIF Edition

    1- This felt like one of the longest weeks of my life. Lots of emotion. Lots of crying. Lots of change in progress. At some point I will elaborate on all of that, but…

    May 13, 2022
  • Goals Habits life Planners

    Goals Update . . .

    I did order my 2022 PowerSheets for next year. I don’t consider PowerSheets to be a planner, even though there are some planner-like elements. I use them as an adjunct. I mostly use them…

    October 7, 2021
  • COVID19 Planners

    Few Assorted Things

    1- I forgot to mention Manta Planner in my show notes yesterday! Lani actually reminded me (thank you!) that I mentioned this planner product specifically designed for cancer patients undergoing treatment on Monday’s show.…

    September 28, 2021