summer retreat: 6.4.11

June 3, 2011

day 6
we’re going to start to put all of the previous themes together today — into the idea of cultivating healthy routines. habits that keep you in top form from the inside/out.

this week, the focus has been on a number of pieces that contribute to overall health and well-being, including sleep, nutrition, workouts, and body image. if you spent time writing out your ideal day on day #1 — were you able to incorporate all of these elements?

perhaps the answer is yes. but what about in your REAL life? i know i definitely am not on top of all of these aspects at all times — and that’s okay. but i have found that there are things that DO somehow occur without a whole lot of thought. and those are all routines — things that are done on autopilot.

think about your health-related routines [we will get to the REST of life later in this retreat!] . which ones are working for you? which ones are absolutely NOT [my habit of browsing on the computer in the evening? definitely a fail]. make a list of each.

✔ there are meditation podcasts on self-compassion at [i have not tried them, but perhaps will tomorrow!] available at

✔ leo babauta’s morning routine

✔ my favorite auto-pilot health routine: menu planning!

you know, NON-AM routines are important too, but it doesn’t seem like they get much press. anyone have an evening routine, workout routine, lunchtime routine, or any other routine they’d like to share?

5 minutes in the morning — build it into your routine!

once you’ve identified a routine that ISN’T working for you, create a plan that addresses how you will turn it around — and implement it today [6.4]! and as always, i’d love to hear how things turned out.

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