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5 on a Friday: Giveaway Winners, Celebrations, A Rejection, Etc

December 8, 2023

1- Giveaway Winners

As promised, here are the winners from Monday’s giveaway!! I deleted any duplicate comments + used the Random Number Sequence Generator to select our 4 winners!

Winners, I will send each of you an email asking you to rank your picks and will mail them out this weekend!

WINNERS ARE: Eszter, Christiane, Erin H, and Andrea C!! Check your emails 🙂

2- #49 . . .

Josh has a SQUARE birthday this year. I get it, next year will be a bit more special, but hey – we only get so many square birthdays! Let’s hope for at least 3 more (100!)

(Should we do a square cake? Too late. We will be enjoying some fun desserts at a family dinner out, though! I got him a BC Ferries t-shirt (long story, but it’s meaningful and kind of funny) and a Beer Drop subscription because I have learned over the years that you can NEVER go wrong getting him a fancy beer subscription).

3- Chicago Marathon

I didn’t get into the Chicago marathon (entered the lottery). Neither did Josh! I was relieved that a) we didn’t have a situation where just ONE of us got in and b) just generally relieved in general because we ended up getting a deferral for JAX, so with that and Bayshore . . .that would have been just too many marathons. (Let’s get to the starting line of at least ONE uninjured, mmmkayyyyy?)

4- Everything Holiday

I don’t remember feeling the pull to lean into the holidays this hard, but maybe a decade in a nearly seasonless climate will do that to you (actually there are basically two seasons, warmish and nice vs hot and disgusting).

Christmas AND Hanukkah themed rides this morning! I loved it.

5- Every Day Counts

This slogan comes directly from Jenny but I had a chance to use it yesterday!

CAMERON: Is today an important day?

SHU: Like . . what do you mean?

CAMERON: You know, like an important day. A holiday or something?

SHU: Cameron, every day is an important day. Every Day Counts!!!

I really really love this sentiment. I don’t take it to mean that every day is going to be awesome (because no) but every day has something to offer. Every day is a day we don’t get to have again. Keeping this in mind as we head into the heart of celebration season around here.


Quick note that I am running our now-traditional annual goal-setting workshop on the BOBW Patreon next Tuesday 12/12 @ 12 pm Eastern (and we also post the recordings)! It’s like a taste of my BLP Planning content for those that are curious and a chance to do some deep thinking about your priorities for 2024. Membership to our Patreon is just $9/month and includes monthly Zoom discussions with Laura + me, and we also post threads ~3x/week. I have been so happy to witness a lovely community develop there — it’s a wonderful place to crowdsource questions about career + parenting, and just generally feels very supportive and kind. I see it (and blogs!) as a great social media alternative. Info HERE.

If you’re interested in learning what we chat about during the monthly discussions, our 2024 curriculum issue below! Excited for this next year.

(And who doesn’t love a good CURRICULUM?!)

January: Habit symposium

February: Book club pick #1

March: Personal style

April: Career conundrums

May: Book club pick #2

June:  Division of labor

July: Off – instead of a Zoom, we’ll release a video with Ask Me Anything questions for members

August: Book club pick #3

September: Time blocking, task management, and email

October: All things meal-planning!

November: Book club pick #4

December: Annual goal setting workshop



  • Reply Lisa's Yarns December 8, 2023 at 11:21 am

    I’m bummed that I will miss the goal setting BOBW meeting. I have barely made it to any of them this year because my work schedule has been bananas… next week is especially bananas as sales is encouraged to schedule a bunch of calls. So I am doing 35 in 3 days… Gulp. I will have to try to listen to the replay and do it on my own (although you know my complicated relationship with goals…).

    Happy square birthday to Josh! As a math major, I love that nerdy call-out! I will have to keep that in mind for our 49th birthday. Have fun celebrating the birthday boy!

  • Reply jennystancampiano December 9, 2023 at 8:21 am

    Oh, I’m so glad you were able to use “my” slogan! And I love the conversation with Cameron. Kids have a way of articulating things that adults don’t. Is today an important day? Yes it is!!! (I actually need this reminder because I’m about to head off to work- and working on Saturday mornings is not my favorite. But it’s still an important day!)

  • Reply Katie December 13, 2023 at 4:56 pm

    Happy birthday Josh! Haha, I’m so curious about the BC Ferries t-shirt and wonder whether it’s because you might have experienced horrific delays through them while in Vancouver? Just a guess haha – my husband used to work for them and they were a bit of a sh*tshow in that regard to say the least!

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