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  • COVID19 life

    Day 164: Various

    1- Back to work. In Person! I have been doing primarily telehealth since our July surge hit, but it feels right to go back to work and offer patients the option of either in…

    August 26, 2020
  • COVID19 Planners Work

    Day 163: Still Alive

    A post ~8 hours later than usual!? WHO AM I? Well, today I am a residency program director with a big ACGME reporting deadline 🙂 I wouldn’t say I put this project off tooooooo…

    August 25, 2020
  • COVID19 Weekend

    Day 160: Yet Another Saturday

    Routines, routines, routines. (Photo below taken on evening walk last night, a routine many days when the weather is decent! Yes those are mismatched pajamas.) Routines have always been part of life, but there’s…

    August 22, 2020
  • COVID19 Planners

    Day 159: Give Every Minute A Job?

    Do you? I don’t, really. I think it’s interesting advice, though. It comes from Cal Newport. You know that I’ve written about him before and while I don’t always agree with everything he says,…

    August 21, 2020
  • COVID19 Parenting

    Day 157: School!!

    We interrupt the habits series because today is a big day: Annabel’s first day of (online) school! Here is the schedule her teacher sent yesterday. I made a trip to the school to pick…

    August 19, 2020
  • COVID19 Habits life

    Day 156 // Habit Series: Eating

    Well, it makes sense to divide this post into meals, doesn’t it! Breakfast For years (until mid-30s perhaps?) I ate breakfast upon waking up even at a ridiculously early hour. But for the past…

    August 18, 2020
  • COVID19 Weekend


    Last day of vacation, and then it’s back to work for the foreseeable future! I did not take a lot of pix of Cameron’s Mommy Day, but it involved: basketball ‘practice’ outside in our…

    August 16, 2020