5 on a Friday: Work, Birthdays, and More

February 22, 2019

1-    80% work dilemma update.You know those 80% dilemmas I’ve been writing about? I have recently decided, after careful analysis of the potential scenarios, to try 90%. I had mentioned that I may be taking on some more leadership/nonclinical responsibilities (residency related), and it looks like this will be coming into fruition, and so in order to prevent my clinical time from being cut into a very small piece of the pie . . . well, I felt it best to slightly enlarge the entire pie.

Ashley Whillan’s article (which I found through Gretchen Rubin‘s blog post yesterday) gave me pause. Am I trading time for money!? It seems like this would be a poor decision for me. BUT, on further analysis I do not think my decision is financially driven; rather, the shift will still make my job more about what I love (and less about what I don’t love –ie yes, my call burden is going to be eventually reduced).

0.9 FTE essentially means 1 full day off every other week, and when added to the ‘regular’ vacation time accrued, this amounts to approximately 52 days off per year. So yes, the podcast will still be happening!

2- Cameron is FIVE! How did this happen!? How was this 5 years ago!? (PS the Annabel picture in that 3rd post is very Genevieve-esque). I can’t believe I have 2 kids over 5 (PS: survive until 5 is kind of a real concept. Parenting DOES become easier around that 4-5 range. 3.75 years to go until I can see what it really feels like to have all kids above that threshold– though I am definitely not in any rush, as it’s going plenty fast enough!).

Some pix through the ages . . .

2 (actually probably a bit younger, but that’s ok – poetic license)
Around 3
4 (from last year’s bday party!)

3- Boutique gym/workout classes.     As I’ve mentioned, I really want to give Orange Theory a try. There is also a Burn Boot Camp near me now, and a non-chain studio that a lot of people rave about (Ellen’s Ultimate Workout). I feel like I’m in decent shape currently with my run / Beachbody combo but would love to get even stronger and take my fitness to the next level (also: more toned arms would be nice 🙂 ). I think I’d really like incorporating one or two of these kinds of workouts into my week — I just need to dive in and try it!

I thought about going on my day off, but there are very few mid-day classes and I want to be home in the afternoon to help with homework/etc on those days. SOOO, that leaves weekends + mornings. Mornings are still tough right now due to breastfeeding (though I could probably do a 5 or 5:30 class and then come back home for G) but non-call weekends could work! So, I am hereby committing to going this Saturday morning. Wish me luck 🙂

4- Work uniform update.  I am wearing the Everlane and J Crew pants  like it’s my job (get it? Work? Job? Ha!). I do feel more professional in these pants compared to skinny black jeans (my prior cheat-work-pant-solution). Now I need to work on tops. I am contemplating a Trunk Club order, with request for work tops + spring/swimwear. Our cruise is coming up next month! Which brings me to . . .

5- Vacation planning. A recent commenter asked how we decided to go on a Disney Cruise. Honestly, our good friends asked us if we’d like to it as a trip with our two families together, and it sounded like a great idea! Since they are in the trenches with an 18-month old and a 5 year old (Cameron’s friend), a trip with some kid-centric activities and available childcare made sense.

I am not super pro or anti-Disney. In Florida, it’s not that hard to get to, and the kids love it. I do find that they are generally very well-organized and customer service oriented, and I like that!

I have never been on a cruise in my life. I have always loved the idea BUT felt anxious about being seasick (my threshold for seasickness is very low, and I remember throwing up on a whale watching trip — good times!). People have told me that giant cruise ships in the Carribean are very different than a little boat being tossed about by New England waves. Anyone who wishes to reassure me or give me tips is welcome!

We are also in the process of figuring out a summer trip. G is definitely in prime pain-in-the-ass traveling age, and will remain there for the next 2-3 years, so we will be taking this into account. On the table: Amelia Island/Legoland combo vs some kind of all-inclusive family resort. I have to say I love vacation scheming and could do it all day.

6- (Bonus) I’m excited for this weekend!  No one is on call.  Josh and I are going to a concert. Cameron has his bday party! The weather looks a little meh (high 86 & stormy on Sunday, ugh) but hey — you can’t have everything.


  • Reply Brittnie March 10, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    Your friends are correct! A huge cruise ship is waaaay different than a tiny boat. I have been on two cruises and have been totally fine. My bro–in-law who is super prone to sea sickness recently went on one and was (mostly – never vomitted just a bit nauseous a few times) fine. I would, however, research room placement on the ship and book accordingly. I don’t recall all the terminology, but room placement and deck level play into it for sure. My mother-in-law cruises often and always brings those anti-nausea bracelets and that does the trick.

  • Reply Elizabeth March 10, 2019 at 6:59 pm

    That article is super interesting, but also, WHAT? She spent 1.5 hours working at her wedding reception???

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