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July 2, 2023

Workout Report

M: 7 mi with group @ 9:06/mi

T: 8 mi with 6 x 30s hard towards the end. 8.07 mi, 10:10/mi ave

W: 3 mi warmup, then 4 mi treadmill hills (6 x 2 min hills 6.3 mph 5% incline) + 20 min lower body strength (Adrian Williams)

R: 7.5 easy @ 10:13/mi. Legs felt dead + this one was a slog!

F: 5.17 mi @ 9:45/mi. Legs felt somewhat better. 20 min upper body strength (Ben Alldis)

S: 13 mi LR, 9:54/mi ave. Did this at home before we left. Hot + humid!

S: In an ideal world, 20-30 min full body strength so I can hit upper/lower twice – however in reality will be total rest 🙂

Miles = 47 / Strength = 2.


aaaaand with that I’m off to record an in-person podcast 🙂

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