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    5 on a Thursday . . .

    1- I really liked this post from The Frugal Girl yesterday: Being easily pleased is a superpower. It is a superpower, yet it is not always easily accessible. However, I 100% agree it is…

    March 3, 2022
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    Small Bits of Joy

    I only read one book in February. What can I say – it was that kind of month. I am not going to put pressure on myself to finish any specific number of books…

    March 2, 2022
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    Cozy / Book Recs?

    It was 50 degrees this morning! It felt like winter which means . . . I guess I have fully habituated to South Florida life. I am working on my 2022 reading list and…

    January 18, 2022
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    Life Updates

    1- Feeling my feelings more . . . I think the elimination of scrolling from my life has had an unintended side effect some days of allowing myself to feel more sadness. My usual…

    December 7, 2021
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    5 Quick Things on a Friday

    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions yesterday. I honestly think I will feel better once the Big Presentation (next Friday) is over and done with. I also recognize (more now) that some…

    November 12, 2021
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    Currently . . .

    1- Looking forward to making vaccine appointments for A&C! I will call our pediatrician today — he had said he was preparing to receive a big shipment. Our flu shot appointment was way more…

    November 3, 2021
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    YES, a new month. And I have higher hopes for this one. Our local case rates are coming down. The month contains only one call weekend for Josh, and none for me. We have…

    October 1, 2021
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    5 on a Friday: Early Fall Edition

    1- Day 1 of 100 went well, though I had nothing to do with bedtime (Josh took it over, as is theoretically our Thursday night custom, though it isn’t always feasible). Phone screen time…

    September 24, 2021
  • COVID19 life Reading


    Such thoughtful comments on yesterday‘s post! I am not finished with my wellness presentation, unfortunately. It will be given Sept 30th in whatever state it is in, but how meta that it is totally…

    September 22, 2021