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    Unleashing the (Decluttering) Kraken

    I am so predictable I failed to declutter for ~98% of 2023 but somehow a fire has been LIT and I am just READY! (This 100% has to do with the fact that I…

    December 26, 2023
  • life

    Positive Things!

    School started! K / 4th / 6th! Drop off went well, despite traffic and a poorly-timed rainstorm. I am definitely relieved to be getting back into the regular routine. I’m not sure why I…

    August 22, 2023
  • life Reading

    5 on a Friday: Summer Mix

    1- I’m very very late to this party: . . . but what a great party it was! Apparently it may be a Netflix movie or series at some point – which would be…

    July 21, 2023
  • Fitness life Weekend

    Workouts + Pix

    Weekly Workouts: M: 7 miles in Havertown (near Philadelphia). 9:31/mi. Hilly but much better weather than FL. T: 7.15 mi (6 miles + 6 x 30 second hard uphill at end). Also in Havertown!…

    July 9, 2023
  • life

    Decluttering While Motivated

    Nothing like a move to light a fire under your decluttering energy! Josh and I are mostly off this week (he is working Weds-Thurs) as the kids have spring break, and we are spending…

    April 12, 2022
  • Work

    Transitions, links, and more goals

    I started my “new” job yesterday. It was actually pretty exciting. I had minor palpitations while changing my email signature. I feel immense responsibility, which is stressful, but also a refreshing authority to do…

    June 4, 2019