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    5 on a Friday: Summer Hodgepodge

    1- 1:1 day installment #1/3 = success! I decided “Mommy Day” sounded a little juvenile at this stage so . . . 1:1 day it is! A had hers yesterday and it included: Genevieve…

    June 30, 2023
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    5 on a Friday: Listen / Read / Watch

    1- Laura was on Deep Questions this week! I loved listening to them chat (and did so during a hill workout on Wednesday AM). 2- I was Monica’s guest on About Progress: My headshots…

    June 23, 2023
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    From the Air

    20 minutes = the amount of time I have on the free in-flight Wi-Fi! We are headed to Chicago for a big family party. 4 very brief updates: 1- Want a book that goes…

    June 15, 2023
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    All the Summer Things

    Summer Thoughts I’m enjoying all of the summer-themed posts: here are two from just yesterday!Our summer is going to be . . . well . . . FULL. It is what it is. Camp:…

    May 31, 2023
  • COVID19 Reading

    Books & The Passage of Time

    I have read 2 books this month which rank among my favorites EVER: The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai and this one which I read in 3 days (it’s very readable and not long):…

    June 16, 2022
  • Weekend

    Memorial Day Weekend Contained Multitudes

    We had quite a full weekend after our getaway! Josh and I picked up the kids midday Saturday and somehow we managed to fit in: A sleepover with A’s friend Bowling @ Sparez (I…

    May 31, 2022
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    Friday in Islamorada

    From my peaceful porch . . . Josh and I made it — we didn’t leave until hours later than planned and checked in at 10pm because #surgery but we are here and I…

    May 27, 2022